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Sen. David Vitter has reversed his previous misappropriation to the group who would push creationism in Louisiana public schools.

To quote the article:

Vitter went to the Senate floor Wednesday and announced that "to avoid more hysterics," he wanted to shift the money to science and computer labs in the Ouachita Parish schools.

Avoid more hysterics? Wow, can you be any more passive-aggressive? I hear that Manson stopped murdering people "to avoid more hysterics".

Vitter then kicked a puppy and stumbled down to the nearest service station where he drank a quart of motor oil.

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Oh, he has been on a roll this week. First he wanted to make it so that everyone who called the police would have to prove they were citizens. So, sorry trafficking victims who have the hell beat out of them by their "pimp", you can't call LAW ENFORCEMENT! What do you think you are? A person or something?

THEN, TODAY, it is no Title X money for anyone who is pro-choice.

Bastard. I wish he WOULD drink a quart of motor oil.

Also, just wanted to let you know I moved. Wanted a more generic URL. Nothing's changed but the location.

October 19, 2007 at 11:10:00 AM CST

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