Oh, Vitter, Where Art Thou?1  

Posted by doug

David Vitter, the prostitute-visitin', family-values spoutin', Bush-ass kissin' senator from Louisiana has found a new way to royally piss me off. He has now found a new way to undermine evolution - earmarks. He has inserted an earmark into an upcoming bill to give $100,000 to a group in Louisiana to come up with a report on ways to undermine the teaching of evolution in public school. And we have to pay for it.

I find it funny that such an uproar was made about Ahmadinejad's visit to Columbia University because he is a despotic ruler and a holocaust denier. Yes, he denies that the holocaust happened - one of the most documented events in recent history. It's a real bone-headed belief - but so is denying evolution. With decades upon decades of work by literally thousands of scientists, it is the bedrock of the science of biology. To deny it is to deny biology itself. I just don't get it. There can only be one explanation:

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1 With his head up his ass