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I like to give credit when someone finally says, "Ah, screw it - it's not worth fighting about." If all of the people in the world that I disagreed with had that attitude, I'd be a happier man1.

Every airport has a three-letter code that it uses for everything from luggage and ticket identification to ... well, luggage and ticket identification. This code is given by the Federal Aviation Administration, generally during the annual Boeing Beer Bong Barnstormer Blast2. Apparently, Sioux City, Iowa, forgot the "B" portion of the BYOB3 and angered the wrong folks, as they were saddled with SUX for their identifier. They fought it for years, petitioning in 1988 and again in 2002. The FAA, apparently a frat at Ohio State, offered a few alternatives, one of which was GAY.

Now the good people of Sioux City4 have just given up and embraced their innner SUX. They sell "Fly SUX" shirts and hats from their new website, Fly

1. Wow, you're a jerk.
2. I have no proof for this whatsoever.
3. Well, the second B, anyway.
4. Also referred to as the Stevensons.

Want proof?

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I think it should have been Flying SUX. :D

October 24, 2007 at 8:52:00 AM CST

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