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So I finally did get a new job. It was a long struggle that I hardly participated in. I had various job boards send me daily emails of new jobs. I applied to some occasionally. It made me feel better - I was being proactive. You are legally allowed to complain so long as you are doing something about it. I think that's from Psalms (pronounced "puh-soms"). But then a place actually called! They wanted an interview! This was terrible. I was going to have to actually do something. Obviously, they fell for my suave, sophisticated act. I'm sure it also didn't hurt that I was willing to work for less than an immigrant robot. I start on the 18th.

Where I work now, it's as though an entirely different person goes to work in my place. The person that sits in that office is a mute and anxious badger. But not a badger in the way that badgers are actually very dangerous and not at all to be messed with. More of a badger in the way of a small furry mammal. A small, furry mammal who longs to spend less time telling 80-year-old women how to push an appropriately labeled power button and more time swooping in at the last minute to save an entire IT infrastructure from the forces of that red guy from Tron.

I feel like it's the end of summer and a new school year will start soon. I've got a brand new Trapper Keeper. This is a chance for me to go to work, rather than sending in my furry lackey. Granted, my furry lackey makes a hell of a margarita. My wife warned me not to expect too much. So, much like prom night, I will lower my expectations. But I will try, at least a little bit.

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In self defense...

I didn't say, "Don't get your hopes up, slacker." Really, he is making me sound like some evil hen.

What I said was...No one is completely him or herself all at once. Everyone takes time to open up in a new situation. So, don't beat yourself up because it takes time to let people in. Because everyone, more or less, does the same thing.

Now. Doesn't that sound so much different than warning him not to get his expectations up? Well? Doesn't it?

June 9, 2007 at 8:08:00 PM CST

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